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Formal Coaching

During the process of formal coaching, we will start with talking about a lesson/unit PLAN. Then, we will schedule an OBSERVATION of the teaching of that plan. Afterwards, we will REFLECT together on the implementation. Finally, we will RE-PLAN based on those reflections for the next time you teach it. This is open to all teachers.

Informal Coaching

These will be more of a one-time thing. If you are doing a risky or noteworthy lesson, let me come in to observe and/or film it. If you are struggling with a particular class or piece of content, let's talk. If you want me to observe your affective language, I can observe you with a 3:1 lens. If you are concerned about an issue of equity, I am there. Here are specific ways I can support you:

  • Help plan a challenging lesson

  • Observe a special activity/lesson and offer advice and feedback

  • Find resources you are looking for

  • Sub for you if you want to observe a fellow teacher

  • Co-Teach a class with you

  • Use video to help you self-assess/reflect

  • Help integrate technology into a new or existing lesson

  • Assist in navigating all things Lakeview (administrative/evaluative/etc.)

  • Consult on your thinking about evaluation

In short I can support your teaching, we can come up with a plan. This is open to all teacher

Professional Learning Communities

I can add to and help lead PLC conversations about your goals, your pedagogical strategies, your assessment strategies, and your data. I can also sub for you when you want to observe another teaching a lesson of interest to your PLC. Here are some specific ways I can support your PLC:

  • Provide feedback during PLC discussions

  • Coordinate Peer to Peer Observations (in-person or via video)

  • Assist with data collection/interpretation

  • Locate hard to find resources

  • Facilitate conversations dealing with equity and content

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