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Anna Garcia is dead.

If you have walked by the 2nd Floor South offices, you will see the crime scene of Anna Garcia. Lisa Mueller's PBS (Biomed) students are using their knowledge that they build over this trimester to solve the case. I also saw today Mae Mitchell (a new math teacher) do an escape room exercise in her Algebra class. This got us talking about how much math education has changed, from silent rows of students to group activities that get students doing something. Experiential learning is something that many of you are interested in and/or are currently doing. If you want to do more, let me know!

You can also think about assessment in an experiential way. This is harder to do for sure, but think about students doing something in the world and/or school as evidence of new learnings - an authentic performance assessment. If anyone wants to push your assessment thinking and explore this type of assessment - let's do it!

For those interested in doing more experiential things, Gigi and I have dusted off our two virtual reality stations in the Library. There are apps for almost every subject, so let me know if you are interested in engaging in something like this with your students. I will be around to help facilitate any class use of the VR stations too. I haven't looked too far, but there was a new VR experience on applying algebraic concepts to the pandemic, one about the insides of a cell, and one on implicit bias. But again, there are a bunch of things out there so if you are interested let me know. OR, if you have never used virtual reality - even for fun - you need to come down during your planning and we will give you a shot at it.


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