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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

There was no doubt that there was an energy in the building today. How could there not be? I was in some meetings this PM so could not observe how the activities went - but we will have time to debrief on that in the days/weeks to come.

What I was most impressed with today with the eagerness of many students - they wanted to be here. And your kindness and generosity in helping those that felt a little out of place is what sets this school apart. I was also struck with how we all help each other - from little things like finding a good stapler to more important things like how best can we start a class. This was going on a lot today. Together we are definitely better and I hope we experienced that a little today. For those who gave - thanks. For those who needed help (and everyone), keep asking when you need it.

I want us to try to remember the excitement we felt today at the end of October. I might be bringing this post up when we are dragging a little. To help us remember, I couldn't help but be reminded of this song by Cloud Cult: There's So Much Energy in Us. That energy was palpable today.


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