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As I sit in my new cubicle in the 2nd floor North office, I realize that this year especially, it seems like there are so many faces and discussions that I remember on so many first days back and yet so many new faces and stories that energize me too.

I find myself looking at everything from a new perspective. Part of this is the location of my new office but also where I have been individually, the paths you all have taken the past five years, and certainly, no doubt, what collectively we have gone through the past 18 months.

My new role as an Instructional Coach too requires a different perspective. I know I will miss working directly with students but am excited to help EVERYONE on staff identify and achieve new ways of thinking and teaching, to offer a different perspective, and to support you in any way I can. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to adding another exciting chapter in our shared journey.


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