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One Down

This ends the first week of the 2021-22 school year and I think its off to a good start. It just feels good to have these few days under our belts setting us up for digging into content deeper next week. After talking with some of the newer teachers today, you all should know that they were impressed with and welcomed the generosity of veteran teachers this entire week. I think this might be one of those shared values that I will be able to comment on throughout the year.

Starting next week, I will be getting into some of your classrooms, definitely some PLCs, and even planning with you. I will be sending you a menu of what I can do with you this trimester, both formally and informally, and if there is nothing on there that looks good to you, let's come up with something else.

Here are the planned dates for my visiting your PLCs. I need no time set aside but would be available for any questions. I can add my two cents if I have any and just see where we are in the process:

Aug. 30 - Eng. 10, Sept. 1 - Pre-Alg, Sept. 8 Arts & Communications, Sept. 13 - Physics, Sept. 15 - Business, Sept. 20 - Eng. 9, Sept. 22 - Eng. 12, Sept. 27 -World History, Sept. 29 -Phys. Ed, Oct. 4 - Chemistry, Oct 6 - Geometry, Oct. 11 - World Languages, Oct. 13 - Tech, Oct. 18 - Special Education, Oct. 20 - US History, Music (when is good?)

Enjoy the weekend! You've earned it.


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